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Our Glories

Generous Praises from the Family Members

Many family members call us ' life station ', ' mind harbor ', and ' the top philanthropist for the dying ', and view us as a savior and enthusiastically recommend Allbright to others who confront difficulties. In their opinion, tough problems can be easily solved if handed to Allbright. A large number of silk banners on the wall of service hall, uncountable letters of appreciation, and more than 30 real stories about Allbright on our website, are the proofs of recognition towards us from the family members of the patients.

Wide Supports from the Society

Many student groups from various universities and care givers of all kinds of professions frequently provided volunteer services in Allbright. Among them, over ten groups founded love bases in Allbright. There were people donating money and goods. Although the amounts were often small, the deeds inspired us a lot. Professional musician Yueqiang Liu composed the song of Allbright for free. Prayers of rebirth offer chanting services for dying patients on requests at any call. Peking University Enactus helps us develop promotional strategy, appeal to government for relevant policies, and widely recruit caring volunteers.

Frequent Interviews from the Media

The media including Beijing People's Broadcasting Station, BTV, CCTV, Beijing Youth Daily, Chinese Medicine News, Guangzhou Daily, Contemporary China Pictorial, Medical Journal of Chinese People's Health, The Mirror, Labor`s Afternoon News, Chinese Medical Journal, China Health Nutrition Journal, and Portrait Journal have interviewed Allbright one after another for free, loading touching stories of Allbright into plane and solid media from time to time.

Enthusiastic Visits from the Local Areas

In recent years, there are visiting groups from Ningbo, Yanbian, Changchun, Zhengzhou, Changsha, Guiyang, Yinchuan, Xi’an, Chengdu, Fuzhou, Qingdao, and so on. People also privately learn from Allbright through inquiries, applying for jobs, and volunteering. All above are enough proofs of our graven contribution to the popularization of life care program in China.

Passionate Concern from Abroad

As an old saying goes, ' Inside Flower, Outside Perfume '. In our hard days of 2009, Ambassador Program Delegation of People to People, USA, led by Dr. Barbara Dorsey, and Occupational Therapy Delegation of People to People, USA, led by Dr. Karen Jacobs, visited Allbright in succession, and conducted broad communication with us in a friendly atmosphere. A captain from Australia was deeply moved after visiting Allbright, and remitted 1000 Australian dollars after returning to Australia. On Nov. 3, 2013, led by Dr. Hiroo Sato, International Research Delegation of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science visited Allbright and discussed with us the theory and practice of life care. The founder, Jilong Zheng, told them the eight-year history of the hospital. The delegation highly remarked Allbright for its social virtues and stressed that the achievements of Allbright would change the history of life care program in China.

Initial Response from the Government

On Sep. 9, 2013, China Aging Development Foundation, held the 6th National Seminar On Mental Care for the Old People. During the seminar, the paper of On Mental Care for the Dying Old People, written by Jilong Zheng, the founder of Allbright, was awarded the first prize of the excellent papers, and as the author of the paper, Jilong Zheng had the honor to deliver a speech in the seminar. Through the author`s own experience, this paper states strategies of going into the mental world of the dying old people, demonstrates methods of regulating their negative emotions, and points out that personalized mental care has a vital effect on the old people in the final journey of life.

The paper drew close attention of Haifeng Ma, director of Daxing District Committee on Aging. After his visit to Allbright, he thumbed up and praised us for our meritorious works. Later, Daxing District Committee on Aging sent Operating Subsidy Application Form to us.

On Sep. 29, 2013, under strong recommendation of Daxing District Committee on Aging, some representatives of Municipal People`s Congress, led by Weilin Liu, deputy secretary general, visited Allbright. They offered sufficient affirmation to the hospital for its corporate culture and social virtues.

On Nov. 6, 2013, some representatives of National People`s Congress and Municipal People`s Congress, led by Fengshan Zhao, visited Allbright. They did a detailed research on achievements we have made and problems we are facing.

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